A Non-traditional Church Connecting the People of Ames

Some churches call them Small Groups, we call them PODS!

Whether you’re single, married, young, old, big, small, educated, dropped out, extroverted, introverted, lonely, broken, joyous, or confused, there is a place for you to belong!

Our Pods (Small Groups of 8-12) Exist for the Following Reasons:

  • To explore & grow in a relationship with God (UP)
  • To look after and love one another when needs arise (IN)
  • To join with the church body in service and generosity (OUT)

PODS meet in people’s homes, usually a couple of times a month. It’s a relaxed time of Christian connection, with time for conversation, studying the bible together, and prayer. In addition to these gatherings, you’ll also serve together in the Ames community. PODS also provide a system of support, caring for you and your family, whether it’s bringing over a meal over when you’re sick or being there for you during a family crisis. If you’re interested in getting connected, email Mindy Gelder.

Want to know more about PODS?


PODS is an acronym representing what our small groups do together.


Our groups devote time to praying with and for each other. Through prayer, people discover connection with God and each other.

Open Door

Our groups consciously recognize an open door through which they welcome new people. They will also walk through and “open door” to serve together in the community.

Dialogue with God

Our groups devote time to reading and discussing God’s word together to learn more about Jesus, and to live and love like him.

Sharing Life Together

Our groups share their joys, experiences, questions, and struggles in order to encourage one another in following Jesus. Our groups are the primary source of physical and spiritual care when needs arise for group members.